Building Better Opportunities

European Social Fund
Community Fund

Who we are funded by:

Building Better Opportunities brings together funding from the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund. The fund aims to help tackle the poverty and social exclusion faced by the most disadvantaged people in the Humber region. 

Programme duration:

The BBO Project started on 1st November 2016 and is due to end in June 2023.

What is BBO and who is it for?

The Exploring Opportunities Project partnership consists of organisations from across the Humber LEP area. The aim is to improve the lives of 1882 unemployed and economically inactive people aged 25 or older living in the area. 

The partnership will achieve this by increasing participants’ employability skills, self-confidence, local knowledge, community engagement, and personal resilience.  

All BBO projects are designed in principle to include the following themes:

  1. Help the most disadvantaged
  2. Tackle social exclusion
  3. Be focused on the capabilities of each individual
  4. Lead to better coordinated services
  5. Create new opportunities for work

Delivery partners

HLC leads 14 BBO local delivery partners across the Humber. All partners have an excellent track record of engaging and supporting socially excluded people into employment, enterprise, and further learning.

Examples of delivery include:

  • Mentoring, Inc. ex-offenders, the homeless and lone parents
  • Employability skills
  • Specialised disability support
  • Teacher assistant training

Keyworker engagement is provided by Hull City Council, East Riding Yorkshire Council, North Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Council.

BBO During the Pandemic

Despite the challenges of 2020/21, the BBO team has worked harder than ever to ensure participants receive the best possible help and support to move closer to the labour market. 

Through a range of tailored yet ‘quirky’ activities held over Microsoft Teams and Zoom, many have achieved very positive outcomes – 79% in fact! 

There are no limits to what you can do at BBO, and participants can go on to engage in full-time work, training, education and so much more! We are a lot more than just an employment support programme and collectively want to do all we can to support our participants. 

Case studies

Joanne's Story

Joanne had no paid work history at all, she had previously volunteered and engaged in work experience to develop some skills, however she had no confidence at all to apply for employment. Joanne initially had a negative attitude towards applying for vacancies, believing that she was not employable, and employers would judge her on her lack of work history.  

Joanne joined the BBO project in Oct 2020 requesting support to increase her confidence to enable her to find employment in the future. She hoped to find employment as a Cleaner but needed a COSHH qualification and with support from BBO successfully completed the COSHH course on 18/5/2021. Joanne then went onto find employment as a Cleaner beginning work on 26/5/2021.

Joanne said “BBO really increased my confidence by helping me get a qualification that ended up with me getting a job the next week"  

Danielle's Story

For over twelve years, Danielle had a secure job working in marketing however, as a result of the pandemic, she was made redundant. Despite the stress and panic that this caused, Danielle kept her head high and saw it as an opportunity to retrain herself and pursue a new career as a Teaching Assistant.

Danielle said, “I was a little worried at the age of 30 with a family of my own, and no experience, that I could change my career and so had put it off for quite some time. Though, once I knew my future wasn’t looking too good in my last job, I decided to bite the bullet and contact Hull Business Training Centre to see what was available to me that would fit around my busy family life.”

Danielle showed a lot of initiative in pursuing her new career and found a school that would support her whilst she completed her Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship. Just a few months after being made redundant, Danielle started her apprenticeship at the Boulevard Academy and has shown us all that hard work, perseverance, and determination really does pay off!

Alan's story

When Alan first joined the Building Better Opportunities programme, he had very few qualifications and limited work experience. As such, he was determined to build upon his skill set in order to increase his chances of securing employment.

In the past, Alan had worked as a Turnstile Assistant at his local football ground and, with a passion for the sport, he hoped that BBO would help him to become a coach or referee in the industry.  Funding was secured so Alan could obtain a DBS check and undertake the necessary FA Accredited Coaching Training course.

Alan now feels confident that he possesses the right skills and qualifications to follow his dream and hopes to coach football to primary school children very soon.

Nichola's Story

As a single mum with three children, Nichola had been out of work for more than 12 years so, joined the BBO programme with very low confidence, a limited skillset, but a strong desire to want to improve herself.

Nichola began by developing her abilities in Maths and English before advancing onto more specific areas of study. Nichola worked hard to improve her working levels in these areas, and despite the circumstances she found herself in following the national lockdown, she quickly adapted to the new way of learning online and successfully managed her workload alongside home-schooling her children.

Nichola was recently presented with Ongo’s Learner of the Year Award 2020 for her positive attitude and determination.

Nichola really appreciates all the support she has received and is proud of her achievements so far. Her plan is to carry on developing her skillset before possibly going into the customer service or retail sector.

Festival of Learning Awards 2019 – Learning and Work Institute

Participant quotes

A selection of inspiring quotes from our former participants about how the Building Better Opportunities project has helped them.

BBO project images

Reporting fraud is the only real way of stamping it out

If you are a BBO participant and suspect fraud maybe being committed help us by reporting any suspected fraud directly to the BBO Team at HLC.
Telephone 01482 330220
We are able to take your call from :- 8.30 – 4.30 Monday to Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday
If you wish to report a suspected fraud anonymously please leave a message on our answer phone after working hours or during the weekend.

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Contract manager

Michelle Munslow

Telephone: 01482 327438

For funding enquiries please visit the What’s happening page.

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