Accessibility top bar

Disability Icon

At the top left of the page you’ll see a small blue icon, similar to the above.  This icon will remain at the top of the page even when you scroll down.

Clicking on this icon will give you the following options to change the view of the webpage, such as:

  • Increasing and decreasing the text size
  • Changing the webpage colours to gray scale, high and negative contrast or a light background
  • Links underlined
  • Change of font


You also have the ability to reset your options while you find something that suites your requirements.

HLC uses the plugin – One Click Accessibility.

Website design


HLC has developed this website using WordPress. We use the plugin Litespeed that maximises site performance to achieve a high score in site speed tests to ensure accessibility.


Text on this website is readable and a good size, with colour contrast and will appear without the use of JavaScript. 

Text within images is avoided where it is possible. As standard all images use ALT tags.

Plain English is used were possible using the Flesch reading tool.

Browser upgrades

When designing this website we have tried to ensure it is compatible with all browsers. However older versions may not present the website in the best possible way, and it is recommended you download a newer version of the browser. 


Your browser contains a variety of tools to help make your web surfing more accessible. The most common is the ability to resize text and zoom features. You can usually increase text size by pressing CTRL and + (Apple and + on a Mac) to increase the font size or CTRL and – (Apple and – on a Mac) to decrease the font size.

Visit your browser vendor web site to find out more about the accessibility tools they offer:

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