Safeguarding, Prevent and Promoting British Values

What is HLC’s role for safeguarding, child protection, Prevent, and promotion of British values?

HLC recognises that safeguarding, child protection, Prevent, and the promotion of British values are shared responsibilities with our delivery partners. They depend upon effective joint working between agencies and professionals. It is about people and organisations working together to prevent and stop the risks of abuse, neglect, and extremism.

HLC does not impose our organisational safeguarding, child protection, Prevent, or British values policies and procedures on our delivery partners. Our role is to inform, guide, advise, and support.

We expect our delivery partners (with our support) to develop and implement their own policies and procedures. Our developmental approach is intended to encourage delivery partners to think critically, thereby embedding a culture of reflective practice and fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

To support delivery partners and learners, HLC will:

  • Provide named / designated staff (see contact details below)
  • Train and update our staff and partners in relation to safeguarding, child protection, Prevent, and British values
  • Share best practice, knowledge, and raise awareness
  • Provide and / or signpost to teaching and learning resources
  • Have policies which are clearly understood and can inform partners’ policies
  • Review our policies, procedures, and practices regularly in light of changing legislation and a dynamic external environment
  • Encourage delivery partners to work closely with their learners and stakeholders to develop their policies and practices
  • Ensure delivery partners have knowledge of and liaise with their relevant Local Authority Designated Officers and safeguarding (child protection) teams / boards.

Safeguarding - who should delivery partners, learners and/or employers contact at HLC?

For safeguarding or child protection concerns, delivery partners should always follow their policies and procedures and contact / notify their relevant local authority child protection or safeguarding teams through that particular authority’s defined processes.

For Prevent (risk of extremism / terrorism) concerned delivery partners must follow Channel procedures as laid out in UK statutory guidance.

HLC has 3 Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs) to provide advice and guidance to our delivery partners and / or learners. They are:

1.Chantelle Snee

(01482) 327438 (press 0)

2. Andy Crossland

(01482) 327438 (press 0)

3. Sophia White

(01482) 327438 (press 0)

HLC must always be notified as soon as reasonably practicable when a safeguarding / child protection concern has been raised on behalf of a learner on one of HLC’s programmes. Click here for our quick 6-step guide to reporting a concern.

You can contact us in one of 4 ways:

  1. Complete the form on our secure Report a Safeguarding Concern page 
  2. Contact any one of our 3 Designated Safeguarding Officers (see details above)
  3. Contact your specific Contract Manager on (01482) 327438 (press 0).
  4. Submit a Review a Safeguarding Concern within a month
  • Traineeships: Phil Thames
  • Building Better Opportunities (BBO): Michelle Munslow
  • Community Grants: Jacquie Newman
  • This-Ability: Vicky Holbeck
  • YEI Springboard: Ben Fletcher
  • CLLD: Phil Thames or Jacquie Newman


Remember, safeguarding is everyone’s business.
Doing nothing is never an option.
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