How do I submit a complaint?

You may submit a complaint in person to one of HLC’s staff members, by phone, in writing, or via any of HLC’s Board members.

Responding to complaints

HLC has a specific procedure to deal with complaints and as part of that procedure it
is noted that the Consortium will:

  • Acknowledge the receipt of complaints within 10 working days
  • Respond in full within 21 working days
  • Where it will not be possible to respond in full within this period, the complainant should be informed of the time scale in which they will receive a full response.

Satisfying a complaint

If it is not possible to resolve a complaint at the point of contact the matter will be referred directly to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer of HLC order that they may review the situation.

If a complainant continues to be dissatisfied with the response, the complaint will be considered by the Chair of the Trustee Board, once again within a
period of 21 days.

HLC's Complaints and Compliments Policy

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