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Following the announcement by the Government, we have taken the advice set out by the Prime Minister to implement homeworking for our staff and would encourage all our delivery partners to follow suit, until further notice.

The wellbeing of our staff, delivery partners, and learners is our absolute priority and we must ensure we play our part in helping to protect those who are most vulnerable.

We are encouraging our delivery partners (where possible) to switch to online learning materials and support for learners during this period, or to provide telephone support. Flexibility is key and we are more than happy to discuss any innovative and alternative delivery approaches you might have in mind. 

We will be monitoring and reviewing this rapidly changing situation on a daily basis, as we closely follow the guidance set out by the Government.

To get in touch, just use the email address for your regular HLC staff contact. If you are unsure who that is, you can always drop us a line at  

Update 19th March 2020

Further to our recent contingency notice to partners that we are implementing homeworking arrangements for our staff and encourage our delivery partners to do likewise and where possible to switch to online learning materials and support, including telephone support, for learners. 

To assist partners in implementing their own organisation’s contingency arrangements in relation to all HLC funded provision, we would also direct delivery partners to the latest government guidance announced by the Prime Minister yesterday (18/03/2020) that schools and other educational establishments will close from the end of the day this Friday:

We hope this is helpful and HLC will continue to share vital updates with you during this rapidly moving situation. We are happy to discuss your innovative ideas and suggestions for alternative delivery methods during these transition arrangements, and also your concerns.

The wellbeing of staff, delivery partners and learners is our absolute priority and we must ensure we play our part in helping to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Andy Crossland,
Cheif Executive
Humber Learning Consortium

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At Humber Learning Consortium (HLC) we are passionate about learning. We believe that voluntary and community organisations are best placed to work with hard-to-reach learners and make a positive difference to their lives and aspirations.
Below data taken from 2017/18 SAR report.
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Traineeship - Success Rate

Over 80% of our Traineeship learners have successfully achieved the programme

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Talent Match - Increased Confidence

Over 75% of Talent Match Humber participants increased their confidence, 19% higher than national average

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Over 98% of Community Grants 4 learners achieved between August 2016 and July 2018

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More than 5900 learners/participants have benefited from HLC funded provision

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We have an absolute commitment to disadvantaged learners and a strong focus on the development of our delivery partners. 
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