AEB is aimed towards those aged 19 years or older seeking an accredited qualification to help them into paid employment or an Apprenticeship. Traineeships work experience element is a great way to help young people 16-24 into paid employment, and Apprenticeship or further learning.

BBO is designed for those who are unemployed and 25 plus living in the Humber area to increase participants’ employability skills, self-confidence, local knowledge, community engagement, and personal resilience.

Community Grants is aimed at unemployed individuals aged 18 years and over from the hardest to reach communities in Humber, East Riding, York and North Yorkshire. The programme helps people progress towards employment through access to learning and training opportunities.

CLLD supports people that are 16 years or older and unemployed or inactive living in Hull to overcome their barriers to work as well as support for local and community businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs from those same areas too.

The projects aim is to provide specialist support and training for young people, aged 18-29 and living in Hull & East Riding to access work and learning. This will give young people the opportunities to explore and experience specific occupational sectors, with job opportunities.

YEI Springboard is a youth employment partnership project which aims to help 16-29 year olds living in Hull access learning or work through specialist support and training. The programme provides progression pathways to apprenticeships, study programmes and traineeship programmes, as well as work and self-employment.

About Us

At Humber Learning Consortium (HLC) we are passionate about learning. We believe that voluntary and community organisations are best placed to work with hard-to-reach learners and make a positive difference to their lives and aspirations.
Data taken from 2017/18 SAR report.
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Traineeship Success Rate

Over 80% of our Traineeship learners have successfully achieved the programme

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Increased Confidence

Over 75% of Talent Match Humber participants increased their confidence, 19% higher than national average

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Achievement Rate

Over 98% of Community Grants 4 learners achieved between August 2016 and July 2018

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More than 5900 learners/participants have benefited from HLC funded provision

Our Impact

We have an absolute commitment to disadvantaged learners and a strong focus on the development of our delivery partners. 
Data taken from Community Grants 4 learner survey, 2016-2019.
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Learners agree learning needs were met
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Learners agrees sessions are well taught
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Learners agree their course/programme prepares them for their chosen next steps (e.g. employment or further learning)
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Learners would recommend their provider to a friend