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Talent Match Humber is a project for young people designed by young people, with the aim of helping those aged 18-24 long term unemployed, who are struggling the most to find career opportunities. The Young Peoples Partnership will be made up of a variety of young people living within the Humber Region. The Partnership will work together to ensure young people remain at the forefront of the project and it remains current to the changing needs of young people.

PADD website

PADD website

18 May 2016

PADD (People's Awareness of Disability Discrimination) now have their own website at, with all the latest PADD news!

To Whom it May Concern

To Whom it May Concern

24 March 2016

A Fixers campaign led by Dagmara Podsiadlo:

Dagmara is concerned that mental ill health in young people is often mistaken for teenage angst and wants to challenge that view so others her age can get the help they need. She is keen to end the stigma surrounding conditions such as depression and feels that better understanding of the topic would encourage more people to speak out.

Dagmara has been a member of the Talent Match Humber Young People's Partnership, and taken part in events such as Biz Week and Giggles Live.

Ongo Communities Video

21 January 2016

Ongo Communities have produced a short video about their Talent Match Humber programme.

Voxx Issue 55

Voxx Issue 55

30 November 2015

The latest issue of Voxx Magazine features a story on page 43,written by a Talent Match Humber beneficairy at Ongo Communities.

Download Voxx Issue 55

Voxx is a free magazine published by CPO Media, written and run by young people.

Humber Biz Week

Humber Biz Week

1 June 2015

Businesses across the Humber region will be urged to reflect on their approach to recruitment during this year’s Business Week ­- and consider whether they are missing out on some of the region’s top young talent.

‘Don’t Miss Out on Tomorrow’s Talent’ will seek to break down the barriers between the region’s employers and the young people who struggle most to be afforded good career opportunities.

It comes as a result of Talent Match Humber and The Young People's Partnership (YPP) identifying a number of barriers to employment for the people it supports.

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