Introduction to Talent Match Humber

Talent Match is a Big Lottery Fund programme aimed at helping young people into employment in England's worst hit areas. The £108 million programme is targeting 21 Local Enterprise Partnership areas in England with the highest numbers of 18-24 year olds not in education, employment or training. The Humber area has been allocated £5.2m over 5 years.

The overall aim of Talent Match Humber is “to improve the lives of 1,455 long-term unemployed young people living in the Humber LEP area”.

Who is the target group?

There are 22 “Hotspot” Wards with 4 Local Authority areas and 9 thematic groups (long term unemployed, 12 months plus). These are priority groups, we appreciate that not all young people accessing Talent Match Humber will fit into these groups.


Talent Match simply isn’t Talent Match without co-design. It is a requirement from the Big Lottery Fund and is essential to maintain the integrity of the programme. Through involving young people in design and continued development, Big Lottery Fund believe that innovative support provision will be created, and through qualitative and quantitative reporting, will enable them to collect data and learn about the different approaches.

These findings will then allow Big Lottery Fund to feed into a wider study of what works in supporting young people, in order to influence future policy and practice in this work.

Talent Match is co-designed by young people, for young people; integrating professional experience from practitioners with grassroots knowledge from the client group themselves. Talent Match is a programme designed to support young people holistically, with all the issues they face, but also to incorporate young people into every aspect of the programme, from decision making at the top to staff training and delivery on the frontline. This ensures that young people who would benefit from the project can steer it in the right direction, a direction that benefits them the most.


PADD (People’s Awareness of Disability Discrimination) is a project co-designed with young people on Talent Match Humber. The motivation for forming the project came from the experience members faced whilst trying to get a job. We found that they were coming up against obstacles because of hidden disabilities. From the beginning we recognised that more needs to be done to provide in work support for employers who employ someone with a hidden disability. Our mission is to raise awareness and to promote the positive aspect of employing a person with a hidden disability. We will empower employers with the knowledge to understand and support employees with a hidden disability.

PADD have consulted with employers and organisations such as the NHS and Hull City of Culture to make information accessible, designed the Jobbled board game to help employers understand the barriers to employment faced by people with disabilities and speak at events and conferences about their experiences.


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