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Prove and Improve

This site is constructed to provide third sector and mission driven organisations with ways to prove and improve their quality and impact, aiming to:

  • Help organistions’ leaders and managers to clarify how their work has an effect on people, communities, and the environment. Many of the ideas and resources presented here can help you to identify and share the effects of your work with others including staff, communities, customers, investors and funders.
  • Clarify some of the basic principles of proving your value and improving your organisation’s work, so that you can start at the level that’s right for you, and build your skill and expertise over time.
  • Present approaches from the voluntary and business sectors to help prove and improve the effectiveness of your organisation. These include methods that support strategic planning, healthchecks for the organisation’s functioning, and systems that help to define and demonstrate ‘quality’ both within the organisation and to outsiders.
Assessing change: developing and using outcomes monitoring tools

A brand new practical handbook on developing monitoring tools to help organisations demonstrate the difference they are making.

Packed with practical tips, step-by-step guidelines, and an emphasis on integrating monitoring systems into day-to-day practices, this is an essential resource if you want to help your groups capture valuable outcomes information.

A Guide to Social Return on Investment

A Major New Guide on Social Impact launched by Ministers. This publication will help charities, social enterprises and all organisations with a focus on social and environmental values to communicate their impact effectively to customers, government, public service commissioners, investors and the wider public.

Charities Evaluation Service

Charities Evaluation Services is the UK's leading provider of support on quality and evaluation systems for the voluntary sector.

Intelligent Monitoring - an element of Financial relationships with third sector organisations

Charities that receive public funding have to account to government funders for how they spend it and should show the impact they have achieved with it. But the cost of producing this information must be proportionate to the risks and benefits involved. Cutting unnecessary red tape can free up time and money that would be better spent focusing on the key services charities and others provide. The term for achieving this balance and avoiding poor practice is ‘intelligent monitoring'.

Value of Infrastructure Programme (VIP)

The Value of Infrastructure Programme (VIP) was developed by infrastructure, for infrastructure. 

People from a wide range of infrastructure organisations came together to develop a set of tools that could be used to help you plan, monitor, evidence and communicate your impact.

As an infrastructure organisation you need to be able to evidence your impact internally, to the sector locally and to funders in order to thrive. You need to be ready to answer the question, “what would happen if your organisation wasn't there?


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