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  • Capacity Manager
    The Capacity Manager is a tool to enable you to evaluate whether your internal support services are working effectively. Your internal support services may also be called core costs, overheads, infrastructure or back-office – and typically include areas such as finance, fundraising, management, human resources etc. Fundamentally the Capacity Manager is designed to help you manage these back-office services better, from a position of knowledge of how each service should really be contributing to your organisation.

  • Charity Builder UK
    A Tennyson Insurance initiative designed to help not-for-profit groups become compliant quickly, easily and free of charge. CBUK will guide you through key areas such as HR and H&S but it doesn't just signpost advice. It actually helps you produce documents such as contracts, policies and job descriptions and because the content is written by lawyers you'll be kept up to date with any changes in legislation. You'll also find practical guides to insurance, governance and volunteering. CBUK is an ideal way of simplifying your daily administration and is a great staff training tool. Register now and benefit from the peace of mind CBUK brings
    GRIPP is an online diagnostic tool to help you health-check your organisation. It will produce a benchmarking report comparing your organisation to other, similar ones that have been through the diagnostic, focussing on Goverance, Resources, Information, Projects and People.
  • KnowHow NonProfit
    KnowHow NonProfit is a fresh new website built solely for people working in not for profit organisations. Completely free and easy to use, it is packed with practical information and resources covering all kinds of topics from finding funding to strategy planning. Use the forums to ask questions, discuss issues and share your own experience. There are also podcasts of events, a calendar of conferences and courses stretching across the uk and our own fortnightly nonprofit story ‘Millcaster Tales.’ The site is intended to be a frienuly and useful space for a community of nonprofit people and organisations to share what they have learnt and to help others.
  • NCVO Sustainable SUN Tool
    Free Sustainable Sun Tool (Steps To Sustainability) The SuSTainable Sun Tool can help you assess where you are in working towards financial sustainability Give you practical ideas and support for how to move forward help you review your progress.
  • Prove and Improve
    This site is constructed to provide third sector and mission driven organisations with ways to prove and improve their quality and impact, aiming to:
    • Help organistions’ leaders and managers to clarify how their work has an effect on people, communities, and the environment. Many of the ideas and resources presented here can help you to identify and share the effects of your work with others including staff, communities, customers, investors and funders.
    • Clarify some of the basic principles of proving your value and improving your organisation’s work, so that you can start at the level that’s right for you, and build your skill and expertise over time.
    • Present approaches from the voluntary and business sectors to help prove and improve the effectiveness of your organisation. These include methods that support strategic planning, healthchecks for the organisation’s functioning, and systems that help to define and demonstrate ‘quality’ both within the organisation and to outsiders.
  • Welfare reform communications toolkit
    This toolkit helps explain how the Department for Work and Pensions is changing the welfare system. It includes information about DWP policies and explains:

    • what they are changing
    • why they are making the changes
    • when they are making the changes

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