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Daesh Terminology

10 December 2015

Dear all,
Last week the Prime Minister announced that UK Government will now use the term
“Daesh”, not “ISIL” when referring to the terrorist group.
Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, national lead for CT policing, has agreed that
the police service should also adopt this approach in CT communications.
Future external CT communications from the CT Network will now refer to
Daesh and any assessments from now on used for policing colleagues /
partners will also start to use this terminology.
Below is the Govt Q&A should you wish to refer to it.
Q: What does Daesh mean?
Daesh is an Arabic acronym for the terrorist group ISIL. Daesh objects strongly to
the term as it is derogatory and makes clear that ISIL is neither a state nor
representative of Islam.
Further detail if needed: In Arabic it sounds similar to the Arabic words Daes and
Dahes which mean "to trample" and "one who sows discord"
Q: Why change to Daesh now? What effect will it actually have?
Because this evil death cult is neither a true representation of Islam nor a State.
Daesh strongly rejects the title and Members of Parliament and international partners
have lobbied for the UK to move to Daesh. Adopting Daesh will help undermine
ISIL’s brand.
Q: Who else uses Daesh?
Our Arab partners as well as members of the 63 strong Global Coalition including
France, Australia and the US.
Q: Does it mean you’ll stop using ISIL?
Yes, although some international texts still refer to them as ISIL.
I think this is something we should encourage across the board within our
organisations, please feel free to circulate.

Volunteers needed for ERVAS’s Better Care Project in Bridlington

19 November 2015

Volunteers needed for ERVAS’s Better Care project in Bridlington
If you are interested in helping Bridlington to offer Better Care to patients this may be a role for you.
We are looking for enthusiastic, friendly volunteers to be based at Field House Surgery in an area of the surgery, soon to be a coffee shop/café. The volunteers would be responsible for meeting and greeting patients, offering them a drink and chatting with them to find out their interests/needs. The volunteer would then search the local-links website (with support and training) to find activities/support groups of interest for the patient. If required the volunteer would also buddy with the patient to attend clubs and activities of interest.
Successful volunteers will be offered a full induction and be DBS checked
Sound interesting to you? Contact for further information

Biffa Award Newsletter

12 November 2015

Biff Award Ceremony 2015: The results!
Biffa Award's Gillian French with the judges and winners of the
Award Ceremony 2015
The Coventry Transport Museum was the setting for the Biffa Awards
2015. 80 guests joined the Biffa Award team for a day of celebration,
recognising the achievements of community and environmental projects
across the UK. There were 240 projects eligible this year, and 19 were
shortlisted across 5 categories. Thanks to a generous donation from the
Biffa Group Ltd £1,500 prize money was to be awarded to each category
winner with an additional £1,000 to the overall winner.
The day started with the first one of our independent judges Mavis
Wilkins, introducing the Community Buildings category. Harmston
Memorial Hall was named the category winner, they had impressed the
judges with their ability to instil enthusiasm into their community, and their
success in bringing together their village, by providing top notch facilities
for generations to come. Shelley Village Hall in South Yorkshire came in
highly commended.
Next it was the turn of the Small Grants category which was presented by
Biffa Group Ltd’s Rob Jones. Bierley Community Association in Bradford
was named highly commended with Birmingham Open Media (BOM)
winning the category. BOM had impressed the judges with the scale of
their transformation, turning a derelict building into an innovative creative
arts centre for the community.
The Recreation category was judged by Nathan Williams of the Innovative
Foundation. The Friends of Bilbrook were named highly commended for
their Multi Use Games Area project, with Pool Piece Village Green being
named the overall winner. The project which was collaboration between
Community Voluntary Action, Ledbury and District and local volunteers,
the Pool Piece Village Green Working group. They not only renovated a
tired patch of grass in the centre of the Ledbury, but bought life back into
the entire village.
Mark Fishpool judged the Cultural Facilities category, which broke from
tradition naming two highly commended projects; Chapter Cardiff, and the
National Trust’s Lavenham Guildhall. The winner was the David Clarke
Railway Trust for their restoration of Quorn and Woodhouse Station in
The last category to be awarded was for Rebuilding Biodiversity judged
by Tony Richardson, formally of the RSPB. It was a great day for wildlife
in Wales as Welsh Wildlife Trusts claimed the top two spots. The Wildlife
Trust of South and West Wales winning the category for their Parc Slip
biodiversity and community engagement project, with Gwent Wildlife Trust
coming highly commended. The team at Parc Slip impressed the judges
with how they used the Landfill Communities Fund grant as a catalyst to
completely change the way that the reserve delivers for biodiversity, and
how people of all ages and backgrounds have embraced this beautiful
corner of South Wales.
The Overall winner for 2015 was awarded to Birmingham Open Media,
for their and innovative approach to community engagement, defining
their community not by geographical proximity but through a shared
creative ambition. Karen Newman, the director of Birmingham Open
Media, gave a moving speech to the attendees “The Awards show such
genuine engagement in understanding of your investment. It was very
special to be there and just incredible to have been valued in this way.
Thank you.”
In the fortnight following the awards we asked the projects how they
plan on spending their winnings, with some cracking results!
Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales - Will build a new hide,
overlooking some of the scrapes created as part of the project. The Hide
will be named after Rob Strachan, who passed away last year. Rob
worked all his life in nature conservation, particularly with water voles and
Pool Piece - They will have a working group meeting in the next few
weeks and make a final decision then.
Harmston Memorial Hall - Didn’t waste any time as the committee met
the evening of the Awards to decide how to spend their winnings! They
plan on building a new front entrance door, which they could not quite
afford in the project specification due to other escalating costs.
Quorn and Woodhouse Station - Have grand plans to expand the Great
Central Railway all the way to Nottingham, their prize money will be put to
good use kick starting the next phase of this ambition.
Birmingham Open Media - Plan to do something to support Syrian
refugees and provide a way of linking refugee communities here in Britain
and back home using creative technology and hosting events in the
gallery. They believe that the idea of community, or expanded community,
has never been more important, and that they now have a window of
opportunity to do something which could make a difference to people’s
Photos for the day are available on our facebook and Flickr pages.
The video of the overall winner 2014 is available to view on our website.
A digital version of our annual review is available to read here.
Biffa Award makes BIG impacts
Earlier this year we commissioned an independent critical analysis aimed
at measuring the impacts of Biffa Award projects in real terms, and to
investigate the lasting legacies of projects after the grant has been spent.
The conclusions drawn from this study were amazing, Biffa Award funding
has touched the lives of a staggering 1 in 5 people in the UK. This
astounding statistic is a real testament to the value of the Landfill
Communities Fund (LCF), and the incredible work being done by our
projects across the country. For further information a summary of the
report’s findings can be found here.
We want to use these amazing statistics, to lobby MPs to protect the
future of Biffa Award and the wider Landfill Communities Fund, but we
need your help. We would love it if you could write a letter to your MP,
singing the praises of your project, and the opportunities available to your
community because of the LCF.
If you are interested please contact Catherine on who
will provide you with a template letter and statistics on your constituency,
plus any other information you may need.
Lights... Camera... Action!
The team at Dereham Windmill ready for their close up
For the past few months we have been asking our projects to submit
videos that help show off all your hard work and inspire others to do the
same. We’ve received some really fun and creative videos, and it’s been
really exciting to see what you’re all getting up to.
The best videos have been showcased on our home page as our Video
of the Week check out our Video of the week playlist on YouTube for
some Oscar-worthy movie magic!
Biffa Award Team News
At Biffa Award we're very sorry to be saying goodbye to our Deputy
Programme Manager Cath Hare, who has been a cornerstone of the Biffa
Award team for the past 9 years.
We won’t be feeling too much separation anxiety though, as she will still
be working in the same office! Cath is moving on to become Programme
Manager for the exciting Big Lottery Funded grant scheme, Our
Environment Our Future.
Best of luck Cath, you will be missed.
Our projects continue to receive media coverage up and down the country for
the excellent work they do. Links to press coverage are shared via our social
media pages as they happen. To find out more why not follow us on Facebook
or Twitter.
Well done to all those projects receiving coverage. If you are a Biffa Award
funded project that has received coverage in the media, please let us know, by
emailing our communications team at
Similarly, if you are a Biffa Award project and would like to generate more
publicity for your work, just send us your news, updates and photos!

JUST Racial Justice Bulletin - 5th November 2015

12 November 2015

Racial Justice Bulletin - 5th November 2015
Bulletin Highlights
Feature Article
Following the introduction of the draft
Investigatory Powers Act by the Home
Secretary Theresa May, Bradford
Councillor Ishtiaq Ahmed argues that
the Bill would not have stopped two
Bradford families from fleeing to the
Islamic State. Instead, he argues for a
non-stigmatising response in the
government’s so-called ‘war on terror’.
Read Below
JUST Partnership Event
As West Yorkshire proposes to join the
Northern Powerhouse league, JUST is
collaborating with a number of grassroots'
organisations and community activists to
hold an Open Space event. The session
will aim to foster greater community and
business engagement in the process. We
are particularly encouraging groups that
are often left out of consultation
processes, minority communities,
refugees and women to attend.
Register Now
JUST Video
Prior to our partnership event above,
we sampled a number of people’s
views on what #RegionalDemocracy
means to them. Come and have your
say on Saturday 7th November, 11-
4pm at Carlisle Business Centre in
Watch Now
National News
London student protest: Thousands hit
streets in march for free education
Spooks have been harvesting our
phone and email data for 14 years:
Now MI5 and police get new power to
Racial Justice News
MPs ask whether UK has drone 'kill
The refugee crisis is actually having
'sizable' economic benefits in
European countries, EU says
Kind Commuter sits next to Muslim
woman in full niqab after others
shunned her
David Cameron 'Keeping Blacks Out,'
Says Green Deputy Leader
Raheem Sterling receives racist death
threats on Instagram
Privately-educated RBS director
High profile black Ukip member
Winston McKenzie quits party due to
'racial discrimination'
Sisi supporters and opponents protest
outside Downing Street
Yorkshire News
Police probe into racially motivated
attack in Rotherham
Outcry as fresh report shows children
still being placed at risk in Rotheham
'drunkenly assaulted and racially
abused a bouncer while trying to
gatecrash a Plenty of FIsh speeddating
UK: Bake-offs, hijabs, and attacks
against Muslim women
Theresa May bans US segregationist
from UK for 'neo-Nazi' remarks
Daily Mail Prints 'Spectacularly Racist'
Mac Cartoon In Tom Jones Race
Heritage Jibe
Tesco Worker 'Blacks Up' In
Halloween Stunt, Supermarket
Friends who travelled 100 miles for
night out 'tole they're too black to enter
St Pauls Carnival in turmoil after
council pulls funding
Justice, Liberties & Rights
'Smokescreen' allegations over
rendition flights probe
Shameless Tory Philip Davies claimed
parking on expenses before blocking
free hospital parking for carers
South Yorkshire Police given £5m
Hillsborough inquests bail-out fund
Thousands back child smuggler Leeds
aid worker
South Yorkshire police chief sacks two
bobbies for committing crimes
Bradford charity raises £5,000 for
victim of Syrian war
Bradford Council told a debate is
needed on 'positive discrimination'
Calls for referendum on elected mayor
for South Yorkshire
Former reviewer of anti-terror laws coowns
firm with ex-MI6 chief
Osborne can find £4.4bn without
cutting tax credits, says thinktank
Proportion of rape reports leading to
charges falls sharply
HMRC has made 'little or no progress'
on tax avoidance transparency, MPs
Crown courts in England and Wales
'chaotic and archaic'
The British PM, the Middle East, and
human rights
The generation wealth gap: use
taxation to make society fairer for
young and old alike
Fearful Teenagers Not Reporting Sex
Sikh Lives Matter: Metropolitan Police apologises to protesters for 'disrespect'
Police Taser victim calls for ban after negligence ruling against force
Policeman sexually abused primary school girls in quiet fishing villages after luring them
with sweets
Police bosses threaten legal action over funding cuts to budgets
Chief constable sounds warning over 'thought police'
Police staff member 'leaves force' following Twitter 'rape joke' outcry
Thousand of calls to Humberside Police go unanswered new figures reveal
Police apologise for 'factual error' after wrongly stating that officers entered burning house
to rescue man
Police clamp down on feared unrest on Million Mask march
Journalists Warn Met Threatens Press Freedom
London Road crash: Car being followed by undercover police ploughs into bus stop,
injuring bystanders
Feature Article
The Investigatory Powers Act: Will It Cut Off
The Corridor To Syria?
Following the introduction of the draft Investigatory Powers Act by the Home Secretary
Theresa May, Bradford Councillor Ishtiaq Ahmed argues that the Bill would not have
stopped two Bradford families from fleeing to the Islamic State. Instead, he argues for a
non-stigmatising response in the government’s so-called ‘war on terror’.
If the Home Secretary, Theresa May, believes that the draft Investigatory Powers Act
designed to allow the security services to have access to our personal data would have
stopped the two families from Bradford fleeing to the Islamic state, then she is seriously
Earlier this year, sisters Khadija Dawood, 30, Sugra Dawood, 34, and Zohra Dawood, 33, also
from Bradford, went missing after going on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia along with their
nine children. Police believe they entered Syria Turkey - a well-known staging post for British
people heading for the Syrian war-zone - to join the Islamic State group.
Then in October this year, Imran Ameen, 39, his wife, Farzana Ameen, 40, and their five
children, aged between five and 15, travelled on a one-way ticket and neither their
neighbours nor their closest relatives had any inkling of their plans. Family members and
relatives have described the disappearances of these families as “shocking and out of the
blue” and have said “This just does not make any sense. We can only think they have been
tricked into going there, it is no place for elderly or young people”.
If friends, neighbours and family did not have a clue of the family’s intentions, neither did
the public bodies who appeared to know of the family.
In September this year, the local education authority was aware that the children had been
removed from the school-roll and the parents had informed their children’s school of their
intention to home-school them.
In July, Imran Ameen’s brother, Rehan Noor-Ul-Ameen was known by West Yorkshire Police
to have travelled to Turkey, yet neither he nor the family was on the police watch-list.
The Guardian reported that a neighbour had become concerned about the father’s ‘most
frequent visits to the local madrasa’ and had written to the council to investigate the
While It is difficult to speculate if anything came out of this request, what is clear is that the
proposed Bill would have done little to alert the authorities about the potential risk of the
family fleeing to Syria.
It is incomprehensible why these families would take their young children and elderly
parents to a warzone out of their own choice, at a time when hundreds of thousands of
Syrians are fleeing in the opposite direction from the IS. What is interesting is how recent
events have given fuel to the right-wing elements of the British media who have started reframing
their Islamophobic narrative. With recent images of both Muslim women and girls
fleeing to the IS, we are now being told that Muslim females are potentially both
‘dangerous’ and ‘in danger’ of being more radicalised than men - a distinct departure from
the cultural/ethnic categorisation of Pakistani and Bangladeshi girls as ‘subservient victims’
of a patriarchal culture.
There is no doubt that as with their male counterparts, the social media and the internet
have played a role in radicalising British Muslim females who have fled to IS-controlled
territory. Some research suggests that the motivations of the young women do not
necessarily differ from the motivations of the young men. In a study by the Institute for
Strategic Dialogue (ISD), the researchers reviewed the social media accounts of twelve
women who claim to reside in IS-controlled territory. The study shows these women cite the
oppression of Muslims worldwide as one of the main motivations to join the jihad in Syria.
In addition, the study shows that women, like men, see it as their ideological and religious
duty to support the jihad. From the online posts reviewed, it is clear the women strongly
adhere to the idea of the afterlife. By supporting the jihad, their aim is to secure their place
in Jannah (Paradise).
Experts in the field further suggest that the appealing idea of a fresh start, sparked by
feelings of not belonging or having failed, can influence both women’s (and
men’s) decisions to join the jihad in Syria.
What, then, is the solution to stop young British Muslims going to fight in a so-called Jihad
(Holy War) in Syria?
For one thing, specialised campaigns and programs are needed for mosques and
madrassahs and parents whose messages, particularly in the early years can have a longterm
sustainable impact on de-radicalisation.
Secondly, having talked to young Bradford Muslims, both men and women, I would argue
that the permanent solution for Britain’s [albeit] small Islamic radicalisation problem is a
non-stigmatising response based on an honest and constructive dialogue. Because not only
will you get the quickest integration and de-radicalisation results, but most young Muslims
will willingly participate.
In the aftermath of 7/7, much of the media coverage (and speculation) focused on the fact
that the perpetrators were British-born (or as rendered in political parlance, “homegrown”).
The perceived threat therefore appeared much “closer to home”: the enemy was
now within.
A clear “us” and “them” dichotomy emerged, tarring all Muslims as terrorists – or at least as
potential ones. No longer were the threatening Muslims “over there”; they could be those
you worked with or lived next door to. As such, all Muslims were seen to be against and
indeed a threat to “our” culture, “our” values, “our” institutions and “our” way of life.
Of course, some British Muslims are in fact going to fight in Syria and Iraq; it is right that this
is reported, and that criticism and condemnation is neither withheld nor suppressed – just
as when individual Muslim terrorists claim their atrocities were committed in the name of
Islam. But this must be done with balance, and from an informed point of view.
For some time now, speculation has raged over the number of young British Muslims
travelling to Syria and Iraq with the intention of fighting in the on-going conflicts there. One
would be pardoned for thinking there is a mass exodus of British Muslims going to fight in
the Middle East. This is far-off from the truth. At the high end, Birmingham-area MP Khalid
Mahmood claimed that “more than 1,500” British Muslims have gone to the Middle East to
fight. Whilst, both the government and Peter Fahy, head of the Prevent counter-terrorism
strategy for the Association of Chief Police Officers, offer a more moderate figure of around
500 - less than 0.02% of the 2.7 million Muslims in this country.” But ultimately, as Fahy
acknowledges, no one really knows the exact number.
Notwithstanding the numbers, it needs to be said that British Muslims should not be held
responsible for the actions of a few extremists, and neither should they be forced to police
their own neighbours and friends. And yet, to defeat ISIL requires starving them of new
recruits and British Muslims themselves can play an active role in that. However, the
aggressive implementation of the Prevent agenda that has led to the demonization of
Muslims and the involvement of public bodies as extensions of a surveillance arm of the
state has resulted in the breakdown of trust between the State and the Muslim community.
Judging from the preliminary feedback, it appears that Theresa May’s proposed Snooper’s
charter will only serve to widen this breach. Despite the Home Secretary’s assurances, there
is widespread unease within communities over the large-scale mining of personal data
without stringent oversight. It is clear that the proposed Bill will target Muslim communities
disproportionately, however if Parliament approves this ill-thought out legislation we ALL
collectively stand to lose our civil liberties and human rights under the cover of the so-called
‘war on terror’.
Councillor Ishtiaq Ahmed
Pick of the Week
Why UK And US May Fear A Free Shaker
The British prisoner is unlikely to stay
quiet about what he witnessed during his
time in Guantanamo Bay, writes Sky's
Sam Kiley.
Read Now
Video of the Week
A boat carrying 500 refugees sunk at
sea. The story of two survivors
Aboard an overloaded ship carrying more
than 500 refugees, a young woman
becomes an unlikely hero. This single,
powerful story, told by Melissa Fleming of
the UN's refugee agency, gives a human
face to the sheer numbers of human
beings trying to escape to better lives, as
the refugee ships keep coming.
Watch Now

Councils must have a new charging policy in place on 1st April 2016

10 November 2015

As a result of the Care Act 2014, which came into force on 1 April 2015, all Councils must have a new
charging policy in place on 1 April 2016.
The Consultation timescales are as follows:
    Consultation period: 2 Nov 2015– 4 Jan 2016
    January 2016: analysis of information/formulation of draft policy
    Feb/March 2016: draft policy to Cabinet
    1 April 2016: new policy commences
The Consultation process will be as follows:
    A questionnaire and covering letter will be sent to every current service user and carer through
the post over the next two weeks. An easy read version will also be sent, where appropriate.
    A series of information events, for the public, have been planned across the East Riding where
interested parties will be able to find out more about the proposals and receive support to complete
the consultation questionnaire. The events are as follows:
Wednesday 11 November 2015: Bridlington Spa, 9am – 12 noon
Wednesday 18 November 2015: The Meridian Centre, Withernsea, 9am – 12 noon
Wednesday 25 November 2015: Goole Leisure Centre, 9am – 12noon
Tuesday 8 December 2015: Beverley Memorial Hall between, 5pm – 8pm
    The Councils’ website will contain some information, a short film and a link to the on-line SNAP
    Members of the Charging consultation Project Team are attending a series of meetings
including the Carers Advisory Group, the East Riding Equalities Network and the Disability and
Monitoring Advisory Group to raise awareness of the consultation.

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