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Reducing Reoffending - Humber Pathways Partnership

The Humber Pathways Partnership is a consortium of third sector organisations, hosted by Humber Learning Consortium and developed as part of a NOMS Co-financing Organisation/European Social Fund joint-financed initiative. The consortium currently comprises established social enterprises and charities that collectively turn over in excess of £12m, and employ more than 330 people in the region to deliver diverse services and trading-based activities.

The Humber Pathways Partnership offers a diverse supply chain offering effective end-to-end client journeys for offenders, from initial assessment and targeted support, to mentoring and re-integration. Members include:

  • Goodwin Development Trust and Groundwork - social enterprises experienced in reducing reoffending rates through replicable employment and skills-based support programmes
  • Mind and Compass - specialist providers of pathway-related services (mental health and drug/alcohol rehabilitation)
  • Probe and Giroscope – Hull-based third sector organisations providing accommodation, skills development and regeneration activities
  • The Intelligence Project – an ex-offender-led social enterprise in North East Lincolnshire offering training, support, mentoring and consultation

Together, members have supported ex-offenders to access mainstream services that meet the Reducing Re-offending Pathways. They recognise that effective co-ordination of a client journey is essential to tackle reoffending by challenging and supporting individuals’ lifestyles, which are often complex and chaotic.

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