HLC Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy

General Overview

HLC were created in 2001 to support the development of Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) learning providers in the Humber. This provided a conduit by which these often small VCS providers received public learning funds they otherwise would not have received. Provider delivery was supported by HLC administrative and management function which assured funders that activity and evidence met requirements.

This effective approach, with HLC as honest broker, has developed considerably over the last 14 years in terms of, the range and geography of providers we work with (we now work with FE colleges, Local Authorities, VCS and private providers across Yorkshire), the size of funds we manage (we are currently managing SFA and Big lottery funds of over £13 million), and the increased capacity of our performance, MIS, Quality support and evidence checking systems. This model is extremely effective in responding to learner and funder needs whilst providing the necessary assurance and due diligence in the use of public funds through HLC’s effective leadership (graded 2 by Ofsted). Although the range of providers continues to change and evolve, we have continued to focus our work on deprived communities and marginalised groups.

HLC’s strong Quality and Performance management ethos has resulted in excellent  performance across a wide range of SFA and Big Lottery contracts. HLC works closely with delivery partners as our Ofsted Report (May 2012) confirms  “HLC manages it’s contracts with partners very effectively....and both supports and promotes improvements”.


Core Values

  • We value collaborative working to enhance the role of our delivery partners in the learning agenda
  • We believe our delivery partners are best placed to work with hard to reach learners and make a positive difference to their lives and aspirations
  • We believe in a team ethos with everyone working together, supporting each other and valuing the diversity that individuals bring from their own experiences and background
  • We believe that the learner should be at the heart of decision-making
  • We strive for excellence in all we do


What Contracts Do We Deliver ?

SFA funded Community Learning Fund across the Humber, including Mental Health pilots in East Riding and North East Lincolnshire, all delivered by community based delivery partners. Contracted on a yearly basis, recontracting commences in January.

SFA funded Adult Skills Budget across Yorkshire, including 16-18 year old and 19+ year old Apprenticeships and Traineeships, as well as classroom learning for the unemployed. Contracted on a yearly basis, recontracting commences in January.

24+ Advanced Learning Loans facility. Recontracting commences in January.

Big Lottery funded Talent Match project funded to December 2018. Regular tendering for delivery partners, usually commences in Autumn.

ESIF – we have just finished delivering SFA/ESF NEET and Community Grant projects across Yorkshire, and will be bidding to deliver a range of activity as part of the new ESIF cycle. Tendering for delivery partners when bids announced / contracts confirmed.


Why Subcontracting ?

HLC’s model is predicated on the benefits of partnership working. We do not directly deliver learning, acting as an honest broker in the procurement of delivery partners and a management function to secure funds and also deliver quantitative and qualitative outcomes. We believe that we can most effectively respond to learner, community and employer needs by working closely with a wide range of quality delivery partners. Our consortia of delivery partners are shaped by funder, learner and employer needs, and is constantly evolving to meet a disparate and changing set of priorities.


Quality and Provider Development

We believe that provider quality support and development is the cornerstone to effective delivering of learning, and have invested heavily in this area of work.  Delivery partners will have access to HLC’s “Aiming For Excellence” programme. “Aiming For Excellence” is a training and support service which equips providers with skills to deliver outstanding teaching. Services include:   

  • HLC Masterclass - training seminars delivered by educational experts.
  • HLC Teaching and Learning Conference.
  • One to one quality support from the HLC team, including observations of teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Bi-monthly Quality Improvement Network meetings.
  • Quality support website with access to a wide range of contract and quality related resources.
  • Peer group support and moderation events.
  • Sharing best practice events.


What Support will you receive ?

As well as the above mentioned quality support we will also provide the following support ;

Due Diligence – This is an essential part of of HLC’s role and we will ensure that we work with delivery partners to ensure they have the capacity to deliver.

Evidence – a well resourced administration team will support delivery partners through workshops, guidance, checklists and 1:1. We also have an Audit team that have led on HLC’s last 8 audits with zero funding errors, and they are available to support and advise delivery partners with audit systems and evidence requirements.

Performance – we have to ensure that our overall contracts with funders are delivered, this involves both performance review and management, as well as providing feedback and best practice examples on improving performance, eg, how to increase starts, strong progression routes.

Funding – access to a broad range of funds, and potential to build partnerships to respond to tender opportunities.

Health & Safety and Safeguarding including e safety, Prevent and sexual Exploitation awareness - workshops, risk assessment, guidance and access to template documents and best practice examples.

Equality & Diversity - workshops, specialist input at development events, guidance and access to template documents, training toolkits and best practice examples

Monitoring – HLC will conduct regular monitoring visits based on our evaluation of risk. This not only supports contract compliance, but is also an opportunity to discuss development and actions to improve provision and performance.

Management Information / Data Support – HLC have an experienced MIS team who are able to support delivery partners both with technical queries and also report writing using our PICS and Proachieve software systems.


What will we charge ?

HLC charge a range of very competitive rates dependent on the complexity and management time on project(s) you are delivering. These rates are dependent on the risk factor applied to your organisation. We will work with delivery partners to develop our charging and risk rating policy on a yearly basis.

ESF NEET (Hull, East Riding and North Yorkshire, and South Yorkshire) and Community Grants (Yorkshire) 10% of contract value delivered.

Adult Skills Budget including Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Classroom Learning for the Unemployed – 10% for low risk provider. 15% for medium risk provider and 20% for high risk providers.

24+ Advanced Learning Loans - 10% for low risk provider. 15% for medium risk provider and 20% for high risk providers.

Community Learning Fund - 12% of overall contract value delivered.


What are our payment terms ?

We will pay delivery partners within 30 days on receipt of correct evidence or invoice.


Communication about charging.

We will consult with all contracted delivery partners regarding our charging policy on a yearly basis before agreement and publishing our policy at the start of each academic year. This information will be published on HLC’s website at the beginning of August.


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