Introduction to Adult Education Budget

The Adult Education Budget is funded by the ESFA and co-funded by the ESF, it is designed to provide support to those aged 19 years plus into paid employment, further education or an Apprenticeship.

There are 2 types of provision that can be funded, ‘legal entitlement’ and ‘local flexibility’.

Legal entitlement, this includes:

  • English and Maths provision up to and including a level 2 who have not previously attained a GCSE grade A*-C or grade 4 or higher.
  • An individual’s first level 2 if aged 19-23.
  • An individual’s first level 3 if aged 19 to 23.

Local flexibility includes provision tailored for adults for courses up to a level 2. The level of funding is dependent on the learner’s prior attainment and circumstances.

As of 1st August 2018 HLC contracts 4 training providers to deliver provision across Hull and North East Lincolnshire.

Training Provider

Delivery Area


North East Lincolnshire

First Steps Sports


RDS Academy


Yorkshire Care



Courses range from Functional Skills Maths and English, Adult Social Care to Working as a CCTV Operator and Working as a Door Supervisor.

Who are the target group?

The main target group are those classified as ‘unemployed’, for example they are in receipt of JSA, ESA (and are in the work-related activity group) or Universal Credit.

Discretion is also granted for those not in receipt of these benefits if they are in receipt if other, or no state benefits, but can demonstrate they want to be employed or progress into more sustainable employment.

The devolution of the AEB contract means that only individuals living in Hull or North East Lincolnshire can be funded under this contract.

HLC are currently not accepting any tenders from prospective training providers. 




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