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Talent Match Humber is a project for young people designed by young people, with the aim of helping those aged 18-24 long term unemployed, who are struggling the most to find career opportunities. The Young Peoples Partnership will be made up of a variety of young people living within the Humber Region. The Partnership will work together to ensure young people remain at the forefront of the project and it remains current to the changing needs of young people.

Humber Biz Week

Humber Biz Week

1 June 2015

Businesses across the Humber region will be urged to reflect on their approach to recruitment during this year’s Business Week ­- and consider whether they are missing out on some of the region’s top young talent.

‘Don’t Miss Out on Tomorrow’s Talent’ will seek to break down the barriers between the region’s employers and the young people who struggle most to be afforded good career opportunities.

It comes as a result of Talent Match Humber and The Young People's Partnership (YPP) identifying a number of barriers to employment for the people it supports.

Now, it is hopeful Business Week can highlight those barriers, and educate and inspire business owners to hopefully change their approach to recruitment.

“This workshop will provide a unique opportunity for employers to talk directly to young people,” said Chantelle Snee, Development Officer at Talent Match Humber, which operates in Hull, the East Riding, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

“The aim is ultimately to identify possible solutions to ensure young people who face barriers to employment - from learning or physical disabilities to being a lone parent – have the opportunities they deserve.”

Working across the entire Humber region, Talent Match Humber supports young people with such issues. They help 18-24 year olds with learning and physical disabilities, mental health issues, young carers, lone parents, those who are homeless or in temporary accommodation, ex-offenders, gypsies and travellers and BME (Black and Minority Ethnic).

 “Often we find that many of the young people we work with are fully capable of doing jobs local companies are looking to recruit for, but the process of them applying for such as position is flawed and they are eliminated from the process without anybody really discovering their real skills and attributes,” added Miss Snee.

“Employers are often unaware of the barriers young people face when looking for employment and are therefore unable to see the potential of some young people.

“Ultimately, this results in companies missing out on locally skilled, enthusiastic and motivated young people. Many talented young people are completely under the radar because of the recruitment process.

“They may be intimidated by a lengthy application form and process, or the job description may be misleading and not really reflect the true reality of the role.

“On the employers’ side, they may well have never considered employing somebody with autism in a role at their business, and whilst we understand the concerns businesses have, it is about educating them to see what value each individual can bring. Somebody who has autism can be a very effective, diligent and resourceful worker if given a role to suit them.”

For Faye Marsden, 20, being a member of Talent Match’s YPP has given her new confidence in her ability to be able to secure employment, and to then thrive in a working environment.

She is currently enjoying the role of intern at Talent Match, and feels it has been a huge benefit to her.

 “I’m learning every day as part of my role here and I have been given the responsibility of mapping out all of our activity across the region. It’s great to be learning valuable skills which will help my chances of gaining employment.”

Gemma Genter, 21, was introduced to Talent Match Humber by Mencap, and is currently volunteering at the British Heart Foundation as she gains valuable experience.

“Gemma is a great example of how our programme helps young people progress,” added Miss Snee.

“Gemma was very shy when she first came to us, but is now confident and has learned many skills. Confidence is key in almost every case.”

Young people on the Talent Match Humber programme, who are all looking for work, will be speaking to businesses attending their Humber Business Week event, at Forest Pines Hotel in Brigg, on Wednesday, June 3, at 11am.

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